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429 Creek Road, Mansfield Brisbane, AU

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Wade Project Services

Welding and Fabrication

WADE Project Services workshop is based in Mansfield and ideally located within 15min from the Brisbane Airport for your convenience.

Labour Hire

WADE Project Services is an approved labour hire provider and has a competitive schedule of rates to supply you the resources you require.

WPS/PQR Development

The Mansfield based workshop has permanent welding bays set up to ensure a trouble-free area for all of your welder qualification and WPS/PQR qualifications.

On-site Services

WADE Project Services is the team that you require on site to get the job completed safely and as client requirements.

Welder Cert 10

WADE Project Services completes Certificate 10 welding supervision on high pressure piping, welder qualifications, welding procedure qualifications and all works that require Certificate 10 supervision.

Construction and Project Management

WADE Project Services has high level white collar management that can solve any of your projects problems.

Wade Pastorella About


Wade completed his Boiler making trade in 1999 in Brisbane workshops, from then Wade was employed as a tube pressure welder for several years and then completing projects as a pressure welder/pipefitter prior to the progressing to Welding Supervisor and Welding inspector in 2003 on the North West Shelf onshore gas plant.

From then Wade has been on major projects across Australia and PNG as Quality Manager or Client representative with Oil and Gas major projects the focus of his works. Now as director of WADE Project Services.

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