Welder Qualifications

Welder Qualifications Service

WPS/PQR Development

The Mansfield based workshop has permanent welding bays set up to ensure a trouble-free area for all of your welder qualification and WPS/PQR qualifications. With full time WTIA Welding Supervisor Certificate 10 supervision, you can ensure that all the qualifications are as per site requirements and will pass any Audit and submission of documentation first time.

WADE Project Services can complete all welding processes and material qualifications to your required standard for your project needs.

Welder training is also an option if you believe your welder is not up to required standard prior to completing the required welder qualification with highly skilled welders available to assist and give guidance prior to any testing being started.

All Welder qualifications and WPS/PQR will be witnessed and signed off by our Cert 10 welding supervisor.